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Ligia beach

Ligia is a charming fishing village situated on the Eastern coast of Lefkada, only about five kilometers south of Lefkada Town. It offers a nice view to the fortress dedicated to St. George across the straits on the mainland. Life here runs slowly and free of stress. The center point of the village is the little harbor where most of the island’s fresh fish catch arrives every day.This is a very relaxing place to stay.
Ligia village consists of one main street with a few taverns, cafes and bars.The eating is good; you can sit for hours at one of the harbor front taverns eating eating local delicacies while enjoying the breeze of the sea and the relaxing views.
The area is also ideal for those who enjoy hill hiking as Ligia is framed by pine covered hills and olive groves. Ligia is essentially a family resort which is also popular to older couples. Early and late season attracts walkers when the weather is cooler.

Ligia beach is ideal when the west side of Lefkas has wind to go for a swim