Meganisi Island

Meganisi island isn’t mentioned a lot among those traversing the Greece on foot or with a car, but those who sail their yachts in the Ionian sea know that this is the best place to visit. No one traveling on a yacht in the summer will miss a chance to visit the, so called, Sailor’s Island. The yachties, local and foreign, have always seen it as an exclusive anchorage, available only to those clever enough to visit on a boat. It is located right across the Lefkada Nidri resort, there is hardly any transportation on the island and if you wish to visit its villages and beaches, you can only travel by yacht charter or on a motorbike.


Vathi is the biggest village on the island and here you will find a few restaurants, tavernas and shops, as well as charming white houses, scattered churches, fishing boats and authentic Greek blue tables aligned by the sea. From here you can easily see the islet of Skorpios, a private island that once belonged to the Onassis family.

The villages of Katomeri and Spartochori are far more traditionally built and secluded than the Vathi. Whenever you walk into one of their tavernas, you will be greeted by a warm welcome and hospitality so common among the Greek restaurateurs.


 Agios Ioannis beach is definitely the most beautiful one on the island, with its crystal blue waters and the greenery protecting the visitors from the sun. Spilia beach is perfect for those who like to rest from the hot rays and swimming and have a drink or a snack at the beach bar. This beach is great for families and not overcrowded even when season reaches its peak. Here you can taste some of the best fish dishes made from fresh and local ingredients. Pasoumaki beach is one of the closest to the Vathi village and usually the most populated one, since it can be reached after a few minutes’ walk by the sea usually followed by the Mediterranean scents of pine, thyme and mint.

If you are looking for sandy beaches, Meganisi is probably not a good choice, but if you want to explore the Greek coast and discover the many secluded beaches of the Ionian sea and experience something new every hour - this island is definitely worth the visit.

One of the main attractions on the Meganisi island is a huge Papanikolis Cave, second largest in the Greece, that used to hide a submarine during World War II. Before that, cave was mostly used by the ships trying to hide from the bad weather.

Greek islands seem to have the power to make the time pass slower but this power reaches its full potential at Meganisi. Neither tourists nor modern world seem to affect much of the nature and the peace of this island. Book your yacht charter to experience the most of Meganisi island.

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