Nudist Beaches on Lefkada

Good to know, that naturism and nudism is not allowed everywhere in Greece. Greek people do not prefer this way of sunbathing, so before you take off your clothes, look around where you are! There are only a few official naturist beaches in Greece, but don’t worry – almost in every Greek island you will find some solution. Let’s see, what choices do you have for naturism in Lefkada island!

First of all, nudism is only acceptable far away from the main beach parts. At the most famous and crowded beaches like Porto Katsiki, don’t take off your swimsuit. If you visit organized and popular beaches the maximum is usually being topless for ladies, but if there are some families or locals, you should not take your bikini top off.

The best options for nudism in Lefkada island!
There are several secluded beaches or beach parts in Lefkada. You can find easily some places far away from the crowds, where you can take off your clothes safely. Some of the beaches in Lefkada are long and wide, and most of them are organized only in the central areas.

  1. Agios Ioannis Beach at north part of the beach
  2. Miloi Beach at the north part of the beach
  3. Pefkoulia Beach at the north
  4. Milos Beach at the south
  5. Kathisma Beach at the south
  6. Megali Petra Beach at the south
  7. Avali Beach
  8. Gialos Beach at the south
  9. Egremni beach at the south
  10. Porto Katsiki at the south