Daily Cruises Lefkada

Daily Cruises Lefkada Porto Katsiki & Egremni


We visit the most beautiful and famous sandy beaches in the Ionian,Porto Katsiki and Egremni,for a fantastic swimming stop in its crystal clear waters.


Unforgettable is going to be our visit at Fiskardo,which is regarded as the diamond of the Ionian.Fiskardo is at the northern part of the island.It is the only village that was not destroyed by the catastrophic earthquake of 1953.Stop for lunch and swimming.


The natural beaches,it’s tradition,the spectacular scenery,the gentleness and affectionate attitude of its inhabitants,is what will make your visit to Odysseys’ island a truly unforgettable experience.Stop for coffee,break and free time.


The Cave of Papanikolis situated on the western side of Meganisi.This cave used from Captain Latridis as hiding place for his submarine,during the Second World War.


Cruise around the three islands of Onassis and stop for a unique afternoon swim on the beach of Scorpio.


The island is a part of Greek history,as the great poet Aristotelis Valaoritis was born and raised there.His great-grandchildren Manos Valaoritis and Eleni Karapanayioti inherited Madouri.