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How do i write a great review?

A great way to start is to remember onsite reviews mainly only cover beaches. A well written and informative review is a great way to show your appreciation to this beach and help others find it,  describing the pros and cons is a good way to start. A good way to check if your review is useful is to ask yourself, would this review help me?

A great service review will outline your experience, including usability of the website.

What to avoid in my online review?

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Can I write about a negative experience?

Yes of course, both positive and negative reviews inform other travelers or customers. However we try and resolve all issues to a satisfactory standard, so we ask you to please contact us or let us contact you after having left the review so we can resolve the issue for you.

Do you ever remove reviews?

Generally we do not remove user reviews however, we may remove any inappropriate or offensive reviews.