Top Things To Do in Lefkada Greece

--Top Things To Do in Lefkada Greece

Top Things To Do in Lefkada Greece

Lefkada in Greece (Lefkas) is an island that offers a variety of sights and activities to quench everybody’s need of adventure and fun.

From the sunny, clear water beaches, amazing sunsets, to ancient caves that residents used to hide in during World War 2, this is the place to visit!

The island of Lefkada, commonly known as Lefkas, is situated in the Ionian Sea. Lefkas Island is the only island in Greece that is accessible by car. A bridge to the Greek mainland connects the island. However, if you do not have a car, the KTEL bus can be boarded from Athens.

Lefkas is also accessible by plane. Aktion international airport is satiated 18km away from Lefkas town.

The final option is by use of the ferry. These ferries connect to Lefkas, Eptanese islands, as well as Peloponnese (Kyllini and Patras ports).


1. Enjoy a swim and tan in the famous Lefkada beaches

Lefkada is worldly known for its sky blue beaches and out of the norm landscapes. Below are the best beaches to look out for when you visit this exotic Island. Lefkada is also recommended for scuba diving and paragliding.

Egremni Beach

This beach is considered the best beach in the Mediterranean! This beach can be accessed by boat from Nidri or Vasiliki.  This 2km stretch beach is unbelievably beautiful with its white sand and sky blue waters.


Kathisma Beach

The Kathisma beach is an organized beach. It has umbrellas, sun beds, a beach bar, and water sports available. If this does not convince you, the crystal clear water and the white cliffs looming in the background will definitely steal your breath away. It was also awarded a Certificate of Excellence by


Porto Katsiki

This is one of the most popular beaches in Greece. This award-winning beach can be accessed using a boat from Nidri or Vasiliki or by descending 100 steps from the mainland. Its white sands and crystal clear waters are well hidden by beautiful large white cliffs in the background.


2. Take a boat tour around the Lefkada and surrounding Islands

What better way to explore Lefkada and surrounding Islands than with a boat ride. There are more than 15 boat tours including the Sail Ionian Yacht Charter, the Odysseia boat tour, and the Nisos Yacht Charter. The most recommended starts from Nidri, Lefkas and makes its first stop at the Porto Katsiki beach where the tourists can enjoy a swim. It then heads to the seaside town of Fiskardo in Kefalonia Islands, where you can enjoy a walk through the ancient alleyways dating back to the 17th and 18th century.
After a quick stroll, the boat then takes you to Ithaca Island, which was once home to Odysseus. The next stop is Papanicolis caves, which were used as a hideout during the World War 2. The boat then heads to Scorpios Island, which used to be the island of the famous Greek tycoon, Aristotle Onnasis.
Finally, you will head to Madouri Island, home to the Greek poet Aristotle Valaoritis. If all this is not worth the boat trip, then I don’t know what is!


3. Visit the waterfalls in Nidri

The Dimossari waterfall is situated in the outskirts of Nidri.The enormous rock, the trees growing around the waterfall wrapping the water in such a beautiful artistic way is surely a sight to see. The water falls into the great blue lake below making it the perfect place to swim. The Tranquility oozing from this site is beyond words.


4. Visit the temple of Lefkata Appollona

If you are a history junkie, then this is the place for you. It is believed that the spot where the lighthouse now stands (60m above sea level), was where sacrifices to the gods were made. However, after the 6th century, desperate lovers chose that spot to make their own sacrifices.It is believed that the poet Sappho was the first to jump from this cliff. This history rich site is surely a place to visit.


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