The most popular beaches in Lefkada
Are you ready to dive  into paradise? Here, turquoise meets azure, with white sand, white cliffs and smooth white pebbles. Vast exotic beaches, bays, cliffs that plunge  into the sea and an orgy of  pine trees that tumbles intoxicatingly towards the coast. And what a coast! Kathisma, Egremni, Milos, Pefkoulia, Myli, Ammoglossa…beaches trip off the tongue… And the island’s number one star, Porto Katsiki. Every swim is soul-cleansing. Every beach is an unforgettable experience.

Set sail to the islets around Lefkada
At Nydri, row upon row of masts sway to the rhythm of the wind, always poised to cast off. Untie those ropes and set sail in the Ionian’s azure waters for delightful hideaways like Pringiponisa, Meganisi, Kalamos and Kastos. For mariners, Lefkada’s surrounding islands are among the favourite destinations in Greece.

Skorpios: Onassis’ island sanctuary
Near Nydri you’ll find Skorpios, one of the most famous islets in the world and erstwhile summer refuge of the tycoon Aristotle Onassis. He bought it in 1963 and decorated it with all types of trees and exotic plants. Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Winston Churchill, kings, dukes, shipping magnates and, of course, Jackie O … all took part in famous parties and celebrations on Skorpios and on Onassis’ yacht, Christina, where they discovered the magic of the Ionian Sea. He was buried here in 1975.

Surfin’ Lefkada
Board, boom, sail… and we’re off to windsurf in Vasiliki and Ai Gianni, two of the world’s best beaches for the sport and home to the International Regatta. If you prefer kitesurfing, Myli, near Lefkada town, is ideal. If you’re even more courageous, you can paraglide – an unforgettable flight with an exciting landing at Kathisma, one of Lefkada’s most gorgeous beaches. Or soar through the sky with one of the Aeroclub’s prop planes or light aircraft.

The legend of Cape Lefkata
When you get here, the legendary energy sweeps you off your feet. At the spot where a lighthouse now stands, 60m above sea level, stood the Temple of Lefkata Apollona, where sacrifices were made to the gods in ancient times.

Sacrifices to the gods were evetually replaced by the sacrifices of desperate lovers. The poet Sappho was allegedly the first to jump in 570 BC  and the dramatic white cliff is named Sappho’s Leap after her. It has also been called Kavos Tis Kyras (Lady’s Cape), after the love-struck girls who threw themselves to their deaths here. It is one of the most interesting sights in Lefkada  and well worth a visit.

From the castle of Agia Mavra to Gyra
When you enter the town, you’ll be welcomed by the castle. In 1300, the Venetian leader Giovanni Orsini received Lefkada as a dowry and began fortifying it with seven bastions on seven sides. Inside you’ll find the church of Agia Mavra, patron saint of Lefkada, celebrated on May 3rd with a huge feast day. From the castle to the northwest side of town, there is a thin strip of land, 7 km long, that encircles  the Gyras lagoon. The red villa Kalkani, windmills and fishermen’s homes adorn  this unique wetland, along with numerous species of protected birds.

Surprises in the alleyways of Lefkada
Like the playful breezes, you will whirl around the town’s alleyways, where you’re in for a whole series of surprises; in the lively squares and sidewalks, stores and churches, 17th and 18thcentury architecture, impressive steeples, exquisite temples and Ionian icons. Here, you’ll be struck by the coloured sheet-metal facades of the houses’ upper floors. It’s a unique local ‘life hack’ devised to minimise earthquake damage.

Quaint Agios Nikitas
Cars are prohibited here, so you’ll explore this traditional settlement on foot. It’s a charming little marina, where, amongst the trees, fish tavernas, water’s edge cafes and bars, small hotels and stone-clad cottages abound. From here you can take a caique to the  exotic and beautiful Myli nearby.